Custom Fire Steel 3/8th Inch

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Please See The Production Update Page in Regards to Current Orders and Future Orders.

These fire steels are handmade by me in my garage. I am a team of one currently producing a high quality custom fire steel. Selecting the replaceable option ensures that your beautiful custom handle won't be useless after using your ferro rod.

If you're submitting your own material please contact me for minimum dimensions.

Production Time: Builds will start sometime in February.  Books will be open for one week 1/21-1/28. Depending on the amount of orders I get production time will vary. 

*Photos are for reference only no knives are provided with the fire steel.

Don’t see a material that you’re looking for? Send me an email using my contact form and we can discuss. 

Inspiration: I never wanted a matching fire steel because I knew I wouldn't use it. I knew that once I wore out that ferro rod it would be useless to me so why use it. That's when I came up with the idea to make the rod easily replaceable.

About The Ferro Rods: These Ferro Rods are of the soft variety and are the best quality. I've tested many different ones and have selected these for a few factors. When making them replaceable they machine better than harder rods.  These also produce amazing sparks. Ferro rod size is 3/8th by 4 inches.  

Replacement Rods: When purchasing a replaceable handle the ferro rod is modified by me to allow the rod to be replaced. You can choose to purchase replacement rods though me.

Options: Simply select which materials and hardware you'd like for your fire steel. Primary material is the outer most material and liner material is usually sandwiched between the primary material.

Design: Due to materials available liner thicknesses will vary to meet my minimum production dimensions. My design is straight forward by may also vary to meet aesthetic appeals depending on options selected. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
G. Boru
Amazing workmanship

Beautiful, high quality product. Customized to my needs. Very accommodating to deal with and shipped quickly. Great value as well.

Jeffrey Braly
Satisfied Customer

This has been one of the best customer experiences I have had! Kyle Johnson, the owner, provided great service from start to finish. Kyle made sure he understood what I was wanting & expecting. He collect the necessary information and found the right materials to accomplish the work and aligned his efforts and talent to deliver excellence and satisfactory results . I am very pleased with my order and the scrawny lumberjack's pricing is very reasonable. I will use this company again and plan to refer friends and family members as well. The scrawny lumberjack's uses the very best of materials and their quality and workmanship surpass many top manufacturers. I purchased beautiful Bark River Knife and the Scrawny Lumberjack made a matching fire steel / ferro rod that is almost identical. I was shocked how close the items matched even though were made at different times, with similar but not identical materials.

Devin Biggs
Without a doubt best fire steel on the market.

Not only do you get a custom rod that looks exactly like your knife but you have no worries about it “running out”. The replacement system on the SL custom ferro rod is better than any other I’ve seen/used. Not only that but the quality and quantity of spark is better than the competitors. Hands down one of the best purchases I’ve made. Plus 5 to fire making!

Custome firesteel 3/8"

As alwaysz amazing and well made. Matches my knives perfectly. Thank you

Sean Moon
Worth the wait

Took quite awhile but was worth the wait, matches color perfect and firesteel throws sparks like the 4th of July