About Me / Knife Philosophy

My Name is Kyle Johnson, I started making knives in the late summer of 2022.  I am still honing my craft but before I officially made knives I build custom replaceable ferro rods. I am also a hobby machinist, steel nerd, and generally super curious.

I do all my own heat treating in house including cryo treatments and rockwell testing.

Knife Philosophy: Knives are cutting tools not pry bars. They should be designed to cut first. I don't think there is a place or a need for super tough steels in smaller knives. Therefor I like to run my heat treatments hard in most cases. I grind my edges thin in most cases, it depends on the design but typically any where to .005-.01 inches behind the cutting edge. I like the perfomance of a convex primary with small secondary V edge. I prefer modern super steels for their performance but I also understand the place of and the desire of older steels.


If you'd like to see what I'm working on and what becomes available follow me on instagram @thescrawnylumberjack