Current Models

Seeker: The smallest knife I make. Designed as light neck knife with just enough handle for three fingers. Blade length aprox 2.75 inches.

Neckmuk: The classic nessmuk design miniaturized for neck carry. 

Splinter: The largest of the neck knife blades. Though the cutting edge is still short the handle is the longest. Should be a good small game processing knife.  My personal EDC blade.

Alpine Hunter: Designed as an ultra light hunting knife for remote wilderness hunters.

Alpine Hunter (BE): Same model as above but thicker stock and modified grind for bushcrafting.

Artemis:Designed as a game processing knife. 3 inch cutting edge and lots of belly should handle any game processing tasks with ease.

Artemis Recon: Similar style to the Artemis but a 4 inch blade length, along with thicker stock, and a slight change to the edge profile should be better suited for bushcrafting tasks.

Forester: A solid go to knife for all bushcrafting tasks.

Fin and Feather: A fillet knife that also functions as a boning knife

Puukko: The Puukko was designed to keep a traditional blade shape but update and modernize the handle to allow for use with kydex. 

Nessmuk: Future model more info soon

Wayfinder: Future model more info soon