Basic Fire Steel 3/8th inch

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These fire steels are handmade by me in my garage. I am a team of one currently producing a high quality custom fire steel. Selecting the replaceable option ensures that your beautiful custom handle won't be useless after using your ferro rod.

The basic fire steel is just that something simple with no frills but you can add a little flare if you'd like by upgrading to a bolster.

If you're submitting your own material please contact me for minimum dimensions.

Production Time: Production time can vary wildly based on current orders in the queue or other projects. That being said I usually complete orders within a month on average.

*Photos are for reference only no knives are provided with the fire steel.

Inspiration: I never wanted a matching fire steel because I knew I wouldn't use it. I knew that once I wore out that ferro rod it would be useless to me so why use it. That's when I came up with the idea to make the rod easily replaceable.

About The Ferro Rods: These Ferro Rods are of the soft variety and are the best quality. I've tested many different ones and have selected these for a few factors. When making them replaceable they machine better than harder rods.  These also produce amazing sparks. Ferro rod size is 3/8th by 4 inches.  

Replacement Rods: When purchasing a replaceable handle the ferro rod is modified by me to allow the rod to be replaced. You can choose to purchase replacement rods though me.

Options: Options are limited to material I can acquire in blocks. 



Customer Reviews

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Mad Moose

Another amazing fire steel, made with artisan expertise

Devin Biggs
Ironwood rod and 2 beads

This is the 3rd or 4th fire steel I’ve ordered from Kyle. What else can I say, speaks for itself. Amazing products truly the best ferro rods I have personally ever used. He can match any knife pretty damn close! If you’re looking for a gift or another piece of gear look no further because this is the pinnacle of ferro rod craftsmanship!